Antakya Otel

Antakya Otel


Location | Hatay

Year | 2017

Status | Built

Built Area | 22000 sqm

Antakya Hotel project area is located on the connection road of Antakya city center. In the architectural design phase of the project, it is envisaged that the building will be fully-fledged, modern and functional, in order to ensure that the structure is an architectural value. The ’Antakya City, which has a deeply rooted cultural and architectural background in the layout of the building, mass design and planning of space usage, was accepted as a theme and the concept project was completed with the principle of blending the building with the city. The Antakya Hotel Project will complement the traces of local architecture, historical memory and urban fabric with contemporary construction technologies and a modern architectural language. Local modernity is aimed which draws the power of design from its culture. When the local architecture is examined, the courtyard, inward-looking architecture, horizontally spread masses and the use of natural materials stand out. The design of the hotel can be described as ’modern caravanserai’. The spaces are designed to contain a dynamic and social fiction. The reference to the local fabric and forms of the city adopted in architectural design was also taken as basis in the interior design. With the understanding of modernizing the locality, materials, colors and textures such as spices, bay leaves, Asi River, natural stone texture and wood are used in the interior architecture. The standards of the operator group Holiday Inn have been considered in the design process. It is envisaged that the structure will include convertible, articulating spaces that include different uses in addition to its general functions. In line with the concept of open lobby, qualified welcome and lounge areas are envisaged where guests can perform functions such as working, resting, eating and drinking and playing games. The spa and sports areas are designed to be enjoyable while keeping in mind the light, materials and acoustic comfort. The rooms are aimed at a comfortable user experience with green tones and natural materials.

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