Bain & Company

Bain & Company


Location | Istanbul

Year | 2016

Status | Built

Built Area | 500 sqm

Interior design and graphic design was designed and implemented by Net Mimarlık on circular formed office building with panoramic bosphorus view located on the 10th floor. It is aimed to design effective office spaces with efficient use of the circular geometry of the building. The design process was started by forming a circular axis from the center and continued by separating it with a smaller circular axis. This office design creates vertical trapezoid for open offices, indoor offices and meeting rooms. The focus was on designing a multi-purpose interactive unit that would bring people together for both business and social purposes. This area is located in the common area of ​​the office overlooking both the circulation area and the office areas. A fully functional office design was made with special office furniture design, conference hall and meeting room designs. The layered raw wood unit was used as a permeable divider while concealing all equipment. Homogeneous light reflection is created thanks to the beveled corner ceiling design in the form of organic fluidity circular building. In this way, the negative effects arising from the low ceiling thanks to the light emitted are eliminated. A circular axis is formed parallel to the façade for natural light to pass to the center. As natural light passes over the circular axis, transparent material collects the light separately.

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