Divan Pub & Brasserie

Divan Pub & Brasserie


Location | Istanbul

Year | 2013

Status | Built

Built Area | 1014 sqm

Divan Erenköy – İstanbul, 2013

Divan Brasserie – İstanbul, 2013          

Divan G-Plus Shopping Mall – İstanbul, 2013        

Divan İşkule– İstanbul, 2011  

Divan Ataşehir– İstanbul, 2010  

Divan Ümraniye – İstanbul, 2010    

Cer Modern - Ankara, 2010


Net Mimarlık has been working on concept design and architectural projects of Divan Café and Restaurants since 2009. The Divan Erenköy Pub Project, whose implementation was completed in 2013, was handled with a ‘new concept’ approach that will be applied in the subsequent restaurant projects. In the context of the renewed concept, it is aimed to create a comfortable, spacious and young space that emphasizes the quality of Divan with the choice of textures and colors in the materials. Patisserie and Pub sections; includes indoor, semi-open and outdoor seating areas. The living-service areas are located at the street level, while a large kitchen area dedicated to both sections is planned in the basement. The dynamic façade, which shows the pastry and pub areas as a whole without breaking apart, refers to the flowing and mobile state of the street and breaks down within itself, capturing its rhythm on a human scale.  

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