Divan Taşdelen Fabrika Ofis Projesi

Divan Taşdelen Fabrika Ofis Projesi


Location | Istanbul

Year | 2022

Status | Built

Built Area | 1400 sqm

It is aimed to reflect modern and high-value areas to the design in accordance with the design criteria and needs program.
Efforts have been made to reflect the corporate identity to office spaces, and in this direction, the existing design concept has been developed architecturally without changing it. It is important to plan the volumes to increase user comfort. It is envisaged that the spaces will contain transformable and articulated spaces that contain different uses as well as their pure function.

It has been a priority to create the spaces to be included in the building in a way that will sustain a dynamic and social fiction. In the newly designed areas, a free setup where groups using the spaces for different purposes at the same time or at different time intervals intersect in common spaces is considered.

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