Location | Istanbul

Year | 2015

Status | Built

Built Area | 1800 sqm

Gastronometro is the first gastronomy platform in Turkey, intersects various groups from the chef to students, from suppliers to purchasing agents; from restaurant and hotel operators to flavor enthusiasts; from gastronomy writers to researchers as a meeting point for all parties in the sector. The architectural and interior design projects of Gastronometro have been completed in a short period of six months. Gastronometro has 700m2 training-activity areas, 900m2 kitchen-service areas and 100m2 office areas. It is aimed to create energetic focal points by combining the corporate yellow color of Metro with the choice of different materials where the industrial style predominates. Mesh ceiling and concrete walls strengthened the industrial approach. All separated training areas reconnected to the common hall by the use of glass and the visual continuity maintained.

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