Libya Hastane Projesi

Libya Hastane Projesi


Location | Tripoli

Year | 2018

Status | Built

Built Area | 14000 sqm

Dhabi Group Hospital Project is planned as two blocks on the 2478 m2 site area in Tripoli, Libya. Block B is designed with reference to the spatial organization of block A as its extension block. Two blocks will be operated together. For this reason, basement and ground floors of the two blocks are designed connected. The top of ground floor has been planned as a terrace area in between two blocks. Secondly, the third and fourth floors of the Block A are connected with the bridges to the Block B. This relationship between two blocks provided a great spatial advantage and quality. The main concept of the project aims to organize areas and hospital flow according to function, prioritizing the quality and the human factor of the interiors. In the next step, it is aimed to provide interior quality that triggers feelings of comfort and reduces stress and pain with the optimization of exterior and green spaces, furniture, materials, color and natural light. The programmatic organization of space and solid ratio has determined the overall façade character. Natural materials and soft colors are used. It is aimed to give a warm and calm feeling and to integrate outdoor environment to patients.

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