Manzara Adalar AVM Çarşı

Manzara Adalar AVM Çarşı


Location | Istanbul

Year | 2017

Status | Built

Built Area | 2700 sqm

Manzara Adalar Shopping Mall block in Kartal, Istanbul interior is designed by Net Mimarlık in terms of interior, lanscape and graphic design. In the exterior arrangement facing the street, dynamic effect has been created with landscape arrangements having different functions considering the vehicle and pedestrian circulation. Bicycle parking spaces, seating units, pop-up’s, playgrounds and skateboarding areas have been created for people to spend time together. In the interior, circulation areas, foyer, food-court, terrace, service-atm corridors and children's playing areas are designed compatible with the exterior façade. Various materials such as wood and marble and green elements are used in order to create spacious and attractive spaces.

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