Marm Assistance

Marm Assistance


Location | Istanbul

Year | 2016

Status | Built

Built Area | 3200 sqm

Marmassistance Office is located at Pendik Airport Plaza on a single floor of 3200 m2. Two gallery spaces in addition to four directions of daylight intake from all facades enriches high spatial quality at the office. In the office design, it is aimed to include modern and high-value spaces in according to Marmassistance design criteria and requirements program. In the mass design and planning of space usage, conceptual works were carried out with the principle of bringing the employees to a dynamic, energetic, simple and original design based on the distribution of the positions of the departments on the floor. An original and modern architectural design concept that has traces of the sharp-edged form of the building has been accepted as the focus of the design. The specially designed acoustic fabric covered panels on the ceiling strengthened the design aesthetically as well as functionality with the use of corporate color. Open office spaces are thought to be convertible and articulating spaces that include different uses as well as pure functions. With the addition of social areas such as meeting, relaxation room and kitchenette within the office spaces, which were created to include a dynamic and social fiction, they have been turned into special spaces for employees to use.

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