Siemens Business Services İstanbul

Siemens Business Services İstanbul


Location | Istanbul

Year | 2008

Status | Built

Built Area | 30000 sqm

Siemens Business Service Projects were designed and Project management realized by Net Mimarlık. As a pioneer in the field of technology and innovation, the SBS working order was established in a smart building in line with the company's identity and needs program. SBS Ankara is located on a modern 2600 m2 with eight-storey consists of open offices, meeting and education rooms. General Management floor, consists of project offices with individual features a dining hall, a cafeteria and fitness center. Light colors were used predominantly and vivid colors were also included in the entrance, reception and general directorate departments. Wood, metal, glass and colored panels are used together to form different compositions. The office standards established in SBS Ankara head office were continued in the offices in Maslak, Kartal and Gebze. SBS Maslak was applied in two stages in four months. Project offices, open offices, meeting rooms are designed to be minimal and function oriented. The cafeteria, cafeteria, general directorate floor, entrance and reception area is dynamic but dominated by vibrant and warm colors, but does not compromise on simplicity.

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