Ula Choltry and Community Center

Ula Choltry and Community Center


Location | Mugla

Year | 2022

Status | Built

Built Area | 24047 sqm

At the focal point of the plot, there is a historical cistern. It is planned to make the cistern visible by restoration and to make it a symbol for the project. In the part of the parcel facing the D550 Aydın- Muğla highway, the transit pass has been taken into consideration, and the needs for rest, break and fast shopping have been taken into consideration. For these needs, there are functions that appeal to the main circulation such as eating and drinking areas, shopping points, parking areas and rain water and car wash points. On the front facing the Kırkağaç road, a social center was designed that appeals mostly to the local people and young people. Within the scope of the social center, it is planned to meet the local people and tourists with the summer cinema, exhibition halls, playgrounds and market area. By creating a valley between the two regions, the valley has become a transition zone with shopping areas and resting areas that appeal to both segments.

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